Join the PEFA Mentorship Program

On behalf of PEFA (Professional Entertainment Female Attorneys), we invite you to serve as a mentor or join as a mentee for our first inaugural Attorney Mentorship Program and Mommy-Track Program.

In 2005, Elsa Ramo founded PEFA to create a space for young, female attorneys in the entertainment industry, recognizing through her own experiences how important it is for such an underrepresented group to band together and lift one another up when the industry does not. With the mission to to meet, support, and shatter the glass ceiling for all we are excited to introduce two programs. the Attorney Mentorship Program and the Mommy-Track Program: the former towards law students and new attorneys and the latter for working mothers in the entertainment field. Both programs aim to provide the necessary resources and connections for female-identifying entertainment attorneys of all levels to connect, be encouraged to face challenges no matter what stage of their career and life they are in, and stand up to an industry that is systematically discriminatory to women.

If you are interested in joining, please make sure to join here so you can receive more detailed information.